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5 Step Plan for Achieving Your Goals

Posted by Paul on 16. March 2017
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

All of us dream to live a more fulfilling, enriched life.  Sometimes, our goals seem so hopelessly impossible to achieve so we give them up before we have even started.  According to motivational speakers in Boise, we have the power to change our lives with the help of a positive mindset.  Sometimes, we fail to achieve our goals because the methods we use are not good enough.  These five tips will help you to make your dream a reality.


Pick one goal

If you have a dream, it shouldn’t let you sleep! Your dream has to be that intense that you should be thinking about all day and night. Such dreams work as fuel to charge you up to achieve what you want.  There is a tendency in us to observe what others do for success and follow it.  First realize that they follow their own dreams and vision.  What they find worth dying for might not be your dream. They get mega success because they have great passion for what they do. You should find your passion and start investing in it with everything you have got.  If you fake passion and pretend to like something, you are going to be disappointed soon.  There will be a point where you start questioning your own purpose and objective and that will always lead to failure.



Define your goal and make it measurable

If you want great success, you have to clearly define your goal.  It should have a vivid, measurable end point. When you define your goal clearly, you can easily track its progress. Some people wish, “I will be rich, this year”.  Such generic statements don’t help your purpose because it doesn’t clearly define your end goal. It doesn’t define how much money you want to make and the time period for achieving it.  When we could see how far we have come in reaching our goals, that very fact can motivate us beyond our expectations.



Break the goal into small tasks

Your goals must be really challenging and life changing.  Bigger goals excite you and fuel you to work hard and smart. You will feel a great sense of achievement when you progress step by step.  That particular sense of satisfaction will help you to tackle the challenges in a more positive way.  Easy goals never give you that real satisfaction you crave. But great goals scare people and instill a ‘fear of failure’ in them. So they stop attempting and end up doing nothing to achieve their objective.  There is a simple solution for this mental block- Just break your goals down into small tasks and focus on completing one task at a time.  For example, if an aspiring runner wants to compete in a marathon, he needs to focus on completing just one mile because that’s how you begin.  Once it appears to be achievable, he can progress fast by taking up bigger challenges and improving his own personal records.  This is how he can grow to be a champion runner.  This might be a feat he could never have imagined when he thought of participating in the marathon.  Every time when you find yourself struggling to achieve a goal, take small steps and it will help you progress well.



Plan the process

One of the Boise Motivational Speaker has rightly said “A dream cannot be a reality if you don’t have a great plan to execute it properly”.  Write down your plans, define them properly, and spread the news to your close relatives and friends.  Once you spread the news among people, you will be more committed to do it without having any excuses.


Get out and get rolling

By the time you reach step 5, you have a vivid idea about your plan and know how to execute your plans. Now, all you have to do is to make calls, get out and get the process rolling!  Don’t expect your plans to fall in place as exactly as you planned them. It will never happen that way! You need to expect some slipups in the process and hurdles in the way.  You need to be prepared to see them as a temporary passing phase. You shouldn’t let small setbacks to dishearten you.  Keep moving and eventually, you will achieve your goal!

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