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Reasons To Not Use Car Air Freshener

Posted by Paul on 11. July 2016
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Have you ever wondered about certain items that have fragrances in them? And do you know whether they are safe to use or not? Think about all the fragrances in air fresheners, perfumes, scented cleansers, cleaning items, scented candles, even clothing detergents, and much more.

Fragrance can be comprised of more than 100 chemicals, the greater part of which is synthetic, and some of the chemicals used in preparing these items are greatly harming our health and well-being. Artificial air fresheners deals reach over $8 billion consistently and rising. It’s quite shocking that many consumers still purchase such products that emit toxic fumes in their cars and homes. If you use synthetic air fresheners, you ought to know that you’re likely increasing the certain risk of headaches, depression, allergies, irregular heartbeat, diarrhea and much more.


What’s Exactly does an Air Freshener do?

Air freshener isn’t really freshening anything at all. They simply work by spraying an entire bundle of chemicals that basically mask the smelly air, while making the toxic mixed drink that potentially enter our lungs as well as skin.

The chemicals which are transmitted from air fresheners and other harmful products accumulate in the fatty tissues after some time, so the risks increase as they build up inside a body. The presence of toxic inside fat can make weight reduction difficult. If synthetic air fresheners are used in cars, one should know that they are likely increasing a risk of developing a variety of health problems.


Here are four of the chemicals to keep an eye out for in any of your home or auto air fresheners.


Formaldehyde is a compound mainly used in numerous household units and different building materials. It’s likewise used as a fungicide, disinfectant, and additive in medical labs.

Formaldehyde can cause numerous health impacts including:

  • skin irritations
  • Burning nose, eyes, Itching throat and other mucous membranes
  • Difficult to breathe
  • Nausea
  • Asthma attacks


Phthalates are potent endocrine disruptors which have been known to contribute to both male and female infertility in laboratory mice.

Several Studies have shown that when children are exposed to phthalates in the womb they have developed an increased risk of neurological as well as behavioral problems.


Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is an additive found in a wide assortment of processed foods, but on the other hand, it is also used in beauty care products, cleaning items, also in petroleum items.

How BHT harms your health?

There is a wide range of effects BHT can have on us. It can potentially harm different organs like the liver and kidneys. It can mimic the effects of estrogen, also inhibit male sex hormones, and can promote the growth of tumors.


While this compound is found in nature and is delivered by the body, it is likewise utilized artificially in perfumes and dyes, as an additive in fruit and fish, and as a solvent in the rubber, tanning, and paper industries.

Acetaldehyde causes a number of harmful effects

This ingredient is linked to allergies, cancer, asthma, skin and respiratory irritation, Furthermore, it may cause a problem with our reproductive systems.


Author Bio : Neha Nayyar is marketing manager by profession and writer by hobby. Currently, she is associated with ShopingExpress, which is the largest online shopping store, offering a wide range of car perfume gel at best price. If you also want to buy car perfumes online, contact them.

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