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8 Facts You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Posted by Paul on 09. May 2018
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There is a reason why a million dollar smile is most coveted in today’s world. Since your smile is one of the first things that people notice in you, a beautiful smile is always deemed to be more attractive than the yellow or brown stained teeth. So if you have looked into the mirror recently and wished to get back your pearly whites, or if you feel that the coffee and tea stains have ruined the looks of your teeth then you are not alone! There are thousands who have felt the same way as you did and have recovered from this condition by opting for professional teeth whitening treatments. You can avail any of these at the best laser teeth whitening cost or at the best bleaching cost at the reputed and efficient dental clinic around you.


But prior to going for such a treatment you must understand that there are a number of myths and misinformation associated with teeth whitening. This therapy is more complicated that it seems and must be performed by a professional such as dental hygienist, dentist or dental therapist.


You can opt for some DIY whitening home kits or can try a local beauty salon but you should know that there are various risks involved if you choose to get your teeth whitened with their help like irritation to the gums, increasing sensitivity of the teeth or chemical burns arising from mouth guards that are improperly fitted.


If you want to whiten the teeth then you should be aware of some of the most vital facts about teeth whitening prior to going for the treatment.


Facts about Teeth Whitening

Here are certain facts that will help you to get a clearer idea about professional teeth whitening and will assist you to steer clear from the myths.


1. Teeth Whitening and Cleaning Are Not the Same

Our teeth are just like sponges with numerous pores on them. No matter what you take in your mouth the colour will be absorbed into those pores like coffee, wine, dark berries and even smoking that result in staining the teeth. Over time, the natural teeth colour of your teeth disappear and get darkened. You can remove these unless they get too tough with scaling or cleaning. Usually such scaling do not call for professional teeth whitening. But when the stains are too tough you can go for the professional teeth whitening treatment.


2. Teeth Whitening Therapy is Absolutely Safe

The teeth whitening treatment is absolutely safe. This is especially true if you go for laser teeth whitening. Research has revealed that in case of teeth whitening with bleach, if you use the correct peroxide concentration, the bleach that whitens the teeth for the proper amount of time does not cause any major health issues. However there have been cases where the excessive or poor quality bleaches have caused the tooth enamel to deteriorate and give rise to extreme gum sensitivity. That is why you should go for professional treatments and follow the instructions of the office religiously.


3. Whitening is Suitable for a Majority of People Apart from a Few

Whitening can work wonders and the results are significant for a vast majority of people. Nevertheless, there are some instances when the treatment is not suitable for certain patients. For example, patients who have dental restorations like bridges or crowns, porcelain veneers, tooth colouring fillings or cosmetic bonding may find that the bleaching agents are not working for them. If you are a child, a lactating or pregnant women or if you have cavities, exposed teeth roots, hypersensitivity or incomplete dental work then also you cannot go for professional teeth whitening.


4. Some Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening Is Normal

After a teeth whitening procedure you should expect that your teeth will remain sensitive. This is very common and usually last upto 24 hours after the whitening process is conducted. It differs from one person to another regarding how they respond to this hypersensitivity. Apart from that, temporary gum irritation can also occur at this time. You can talk to your dentist regarding this prior to going for the treatment.


5. Teeth Whitening Is Not Permanent

Bleaching is not permanent and its effects may vary from a year to a maximum of three years. With a few precautions and touch-ups on your part you should be able to maintain a great smile.


6. Contrary to Popular Belief, Teeth Whitening Does Not Affect the Enamel

A lot of research has been conducted in this regard and it has been seen that bleaches only remove the stains from the microscopic pores of the teeth. This bleach does not penetrate deep into the teeth and thus, does not affect the enamel.


7. Post-whitening Care is Essential

Reducing the intake of food that can create stains like coffee, tea, sodas and wine etc. it is necessary after whitening treatment. You should also keep at bay the habits such as drinking of coffee, tea, wine sodas, etc. One also needs to keep at bay habits such as tobacco usage or smoking. Apart from that, you should also maintain thorough oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.


8. Your Teeth’s Natural Colour Will be Restored by Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening helps to do away with the stains that have developed over time. With this procedure you can get back the natural colour of your teeth. But you should keep it in mind this will not make the teeth any whiter than their original colour.



These are some of the most significant facts about the teeth whitening procedure that will enlighten you further regarding this therapy so that you can take an informed decision and have the right expectations when you go for the teeth whitening treatment.

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