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Eight Best Musical Android App for Beginners

Posted by Paul on 24. July 2019
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

People who love composing music need to use some software or apps for production. If you like to create your music, you don’t require an expensive hardware synthesizer or a highly configured computer for the same. You can create good music with the help of your smartphone.


There are a variety of music composing apps available for Android as well as iOS phones. All you need is to download and learn using an app to produce amazing musical tones. This post shares the top music apps for Android devices.

Music Studio













The Music Studio is an amazing app for composing music on android phones with great production tools. There are a variety of instruments in this app that you can use to create any music. Also, it has a tracks and effects section which enables you to combine multiple tracks and add a variety of effects. Using the effects you can control and customize your music.  People looking for a music app loaded with features can use Music Studio for composing music.


Music Maker Jam


If you want a feature-filled app for composing music, you should try the Music maker jam. The app is loaded with more than 300 mix packs, studio-quality loops, and remix tracks. In addition to creating and composing music, the app allows you to record vocals. The app also has plenty of options to edit parts of any music or song. There are various controls for a variety of instruments, and effects to make the music composing and editing easy and convenient for beginners.


FL studio mobile


The FL Studio Mobile is also a popular android music app among the music composers that enables you to create, edit, and mix songs on your android phone. The app has a user friendly interface with several tools to compose music.


It comes with an in-built audio engine, MIDI controller, drum kits, mixer, and high-quality synthesizers. In addition to these features, the app has a piano roll editor and presets with previews. If you have some knowledge of composing music, you can use FL studio mobile app to create any tones and melodies.

Groove Mixer















If you are looking for a simple android music application to create music beats like the drum beats, Groove Mixer can be the best android app. It has a user-friendly interface and has powerful features for composing a variety of music. The app also offers you powerful features like pattern mixer, sequencer, and step sequencer that enable you to create and mix music beats. The Groove Mixer app is free to download and use, but it contains ads, but you can buy the pro version to remove the ads.


Score creator


People who want an application for sheet music can use Score Creator app to compose the same. Its friendly interface allows you to add notes using the keyboard. The keyboard has notes and cords that you need to tap to create notes. The app has features to support multiple tracks, instruments, and the ability to playback the sounds on individual devices or as a whole. If you like to create sheet music that you must try using Score Creator and continue to use it on your android phone if you like the app.


Maestro – Android Music app


Maestro is another Android music app for sheet music creators, and it is similar to the Score Creator in many aspects. The app is made for the music students and songwriters and supports a variety of instruments like Guitar, Violin, Piano, Drums, etc. You can use the app for any musical instrument. For example, you can use it for your guitar by selecting the guitar in instrument settings.


The app can detect the sound of string instruments like violin, guitar, ukulele and well as drums, keyboards, etc. You can compose the music in multiple tracks and can also playback the music when required. The best advantage of using this app is that it allows you to export composed music file as an image. The maestro app is free to download and use but contains in-app purchases.


DJ Studio 5


As the name suggests, this music app is a DJ studio that offers a wide range of features for composing music. It comes with an attractive user interface that is ergonomically designed. The DJ studio five android music app comes with two virtual turntables with multiple useful tools. Users can customize the deck with different skins, live to record the mixes, edit playlists, and apply a variety of sound effects.


The app also offers you customizable sample pads, live the sound spectrum, and many other features. If you like mixing sounds and DJying, you should try the DH Studio 5 app. The DH Studio 5 app is free but contains ads, but you can remove them by purchasing the pro version.


Audio Evolution Mobile Studio


If you are a beginner in music composing and want an easy to use app, the Audio Evolution Mobile Studio can be the best for you. The app enables you to compose music with multi-track recording. Moreover, it offers you the options to use the in-built mic, USB audio, or MIDI interface. In the features section, the app enables you to create loops, add effects, and do many other things. The app also allows users to export DAWs in the form or individual tracks.


Moreover, it also offers mixer automation, cloud syncing with Google Drive, and real-time effects. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is best for users looking for a professional app for recording vocals and composing music. However, the free version of the app is just a trail, and users need to buy the pro version to enjoy the full range of features.


Final Words


These are some music apps for Android phones and devices that you can use to compose music. It is best to use the apps that can be used with the music instruments like guitar, violin, piano, drums, etc. not all but some music apps for android can detect the sound of string instruments if they are audible.


If the sound is not good, you can replace the strings of an instrument. The guitar parts Australia and other musical instruments are available on music stores in all major cities of Australia. However, if you want to learn to compose music, you can use any of the above music apps for Android devices.


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