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Guideline to Invest in High Yield London Property

Posted by Paul on 17. May 2018
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

We know it is quite stressful to find a lovely house which is above your expectations. And you want to spend whole life in it. Think about London, the capital of UK, how difficult and challenging it would be to buy a house there.  We have to admit that there is a considerable demand for London property though there are many buyers with professionalism and investment assets.

The London property and housing is fast, fierce and around £200,000 above costly than the other nearest locations, so keep that in mind before doing a hunt.  We can guide you with excellent and helpful tips obtaining a perfect property in London.


Why London?

The capital of UK-London is rich with history, entertainment, and culture that people want to engross in their lives. Moreover, tourists from all over the world come and visit London; its thriving economy contributes to 30% of the total GDP of UK and has given jobs to millions of people in different sectors.

If you are planning to live in London, think of staying in the heart of the throbbing and lively city.  You can’t enjoy doing shopping other than prestigious malls of London, attending a premiere of world star film and watching the iconic film in the fantastic theatres.

London is an ideal location for you if you want to stay for a long time with family, buying a property to increase the portfolio or to exploit the available prospects in the city.


Reason for being expensive

There is a huge demand for people to live a life in London because of world leader status in culture, technology, and finance. We have seen that it is excellent upward, motivated and highly mobile people are attracted towards the city to spend their lives. Because of the enormous demand in desirable areas, London is always short of houses which takes the house prices quite up than the average income.

We have to admit that London has faced a slight incline in property value but it is still the most desirable city to live in and things will get better soon like before.


Knowing London

There are 33 boroughs in London which are not only distinguished by the varied personalities but also by the different postcodes, property values, and characteristics landmarks.  We can divide the boroughs into separate five sub regions such as north London, central London, south London, west London and east London.  If you are more interested in central London, find the area that lies in your budget and lifestyle is utmost important.


Central London

Central London is across the famous Thames and is known as the heart of the city.  The central London is situated at the river north and is comprises of London city, Westminster and central parts of Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Islington and Camden.  The south part of central London is comprised of Lambeth, Southwark, Wandsworth and Kensington & Chelsea. In central London you will find a high house with density, the high value of land and prestigious organizations such as business headquarters, offices of government, embassies and global institutions.


North London

North of London is mostly comprised of Islington, Hackney and Camden outskirts and technically includes Haringey, Enfield, and Barnet.  If your house has passcode with N, then you can enjoy the open nightclubs with suburban feeling.  We are not saying that north London is out of life, there are plenty of things you can do on the weekend if staying close to Trent Park, Kenwood house, and Emirates stadium.


South London

South London comprises Merton, Thames, Sutton, Wandsworth, Bromley, and Croyden and is known for its urban villages and greenery around.  You can relax over the weekend in any of the best parks such as Richmond Park and Clapham Common and you can also enjoy the urban scene at Peckham and Brixton hotspots.


East London

East London is known to be rough at the edges historically, but the residents have seen an enormous transition into more vibrant and creative environment.  The subregions are Greenwich, Bexley, Barking and Dagenham, Lewisham, Newham, Havering, Waltham Forest, Redbridge and outskirts of tower hamlets and Hackney.


West London

The west London is acknowledged with excellent market status, first-class museum, prestigious boutiques, Buckingham Palace and classic city architecture. The west London is comprised of horror, Hillingdon, Richmond, Fulham, Hammersmith, brent, and healing.

Transport Affecting the Housing

London city is divided into different travel zones.  The public transportation has a significant impact on your living in London as you can easily roam around the city.  According to news, around 3.8 billion journeys were recorded on public transport comprises London buses, DLR service, rivers reviews, tram and over ground and underground.  When finding a house in London, make sure of finding the one close to the public transport.

Proximity to the public transport includes high property price so that should be kept in mind. If you want a lower price tag, make up your mind for a short morning walk as nearby station houses are quite highly priced.


Investment in London

London is an excellent area from an investment point of view, there is enormous housing demand and you will find a tenant any which ways. But don’t spend over your budget and make sure of the area before investing any. There are specific areas which do not have rental growth so don’t invest in those. The three promising areas with prosperous growth are:


Woolwich, SE18

Currently, the properties at Woolwich starts with low rental such as £330,000. But the new Crossrail route will change the situation. The people would be able to reach the city and canary wharf within 15 minutes and this development will raise the property value in future as well.


Hackney, E8

If you want non-stop demand then Hackney is the perfect location.  It is lovely and appealing to the renters.  Because of its good standing and great overground connection to the central life. You can earn around £1600 income with a two bedroom apartment. The value of houses is £600,000, and apartments around £480,000.


Wood Green, N22

In the year 2017, around £2bn investment has been made in wood green to build new homes in 5000.  Such initiative will give a push to the area and will attract the tenants from other parts of the city. The significant improvements in Piccadilly line, Crossrail 2 planning, investment in the northern line. It will take the city towards growth in near future.

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