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5 Most Luxurious Hotels in America

Posted by Paul on 25. August 2014
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

While planning for a perfect getaway that completely makes you forget your sorrows, most people look up for the ordinary hotels because of cost constraints. It is however obvious that almost everyone would wish to stay in a better and luxurious suite even if for a day if they had the chance.

This article therefore brings you the most luxurious hotels in America because who knows, you may be surprised one day.

Santiago’s Grande Del Mar

This hotel is located close to Del mar in the hills. Its architecture is based on an elegant style from the colonial period of the Spanish. It consists of 261 enormous rooms each of which is treated to luxurious spa. Within the hotel, there are four swimming pools, a magnificent restaurant, a golf course and who would not love car service area within their hotel? The most extra-ordinary feature in this hotel is the equestrian center and most of its free services like Wi-Fi and parking space.

Orange County’s Pelican Hill

When it is a 500 acre stretch of land, 23,000 feet squared spa, two amazing golf courses, two swimming pools, five adorable restaurants and bungalows and villas that add up to 332 in number, it is definitely the pelican hill. The rooms are warm and cozy with spacious marble bathrooms, clear ocean views and fireplaces. The villas are spectacular with kitchens and living areas fully equipped and attended for.

Napa valley’s Auberge Du Soleil

Within California, this has to be among the most exclusive inns and expensive for that matter. It is made of 50 luxurious rooms and endowed with a spa almost 7000 feet squared, an adorable swimming pool and a great restaurant. This hotel offers you a serene and homely environment with spectacular views all around.

Dallas’ Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

This hotel speaks volumes of luxury just by the mere view of its architecture. It is general pink with terra cotta roof and amazing fountains. The mosaic portrayed on the tiles and the plants around the pools are wow. There are several patios surrounding the hotel for the guests to relax and get the breath of fresh air. There is an amazing dining restaurant with free additional services like concierges and car. The experience on the mansion’s heated sauna is priceless.

Santa Fe’s Rancho Encantado Resort

This is a 65 roomed development that gives you the spectacular view of mount sangre de cristo. It is located only a short distance from Santa Fe. The interiors of the rooms are modernized with a combination of wood and concrete floors. There are also rugs from the Native Americans with a combined orange and brown color scheme. The rooms are made warmer with fire places and a floor heating system. Besides a luxurious spa, an outdoor pool and Mercedes rentals scot free, there is the terra restaurant which provides the guests with fine dining. The most extra-ordinary feature at the four seasons is the fact that there are programs for children.

All said and done, you might want to apply for ESTA already. You may be lucky to get the chance to visit any of these luxurious hotels sooner than later and it will be necessary for your travel whether by air or sea.

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