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Building up stories by personas and scenarios

Posted by Paul on 23. May 2014
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Persona can be said as a basic and simple tool of user experience design and usability. Moreover it describes a particular member of one’s target audience. Indeed a persona can be said as a user’s fictional representation. It is however based on actual data and information.

The persona should be too close to an actual potential user. Scenario is said to be a story which is based on the experience of a persona of actions being taken and journey of the web site or application. Eventually it explains the procedure which a user may follow motivations relating to the web site, goals, causes and their capabilities. However the scenarios explain day to day circumstances of how the application or web site fits within the persona of one’s daily life. It also explains a person of why should the personas be kept for utilizing, how to utilize it, and much more. Altogether these describe the numerous contexts in which a person can be utilizing a web site. In return, this puts off the opportunities and chances that may be ought to be addressed.

Utility of personas and scenarios

Scenarios and personas are a path for developers and designers for keeping in touch with the target audience. This is done along with the progression of a project. These even keep most of the people to check and ensure that those are being made for the users. For example, if as person is making a color picking application, then he or she would ensure for the personas to be desirable and have a reason for utilizing as an application. Hence a person may make a persona of a designer or any one who is redecorating his or her living room. It should be however sensible, for being in the form of a context. In this way a person can utilize scenarios and personas for identifying what is to be done. It further anticipates a designer to utilize a color picking application in a better way. While using a color picking application, the designer can pair up colors rather than the color generator which is random. By thinking about this one can access for focusing on the functions and characteristics which the audience cares and wants. It even permits for the procedure to get built from ground up level. Moreover the project can be effective and efficient if a person focuses on the users from the starting point of development to the ending point.

Advantages of scenarios and personas

Personas particularly permit the designers for making predictions regarding the users to respond on the decisions of their designs. Those are however based on the mental models. These also transform the questions which a person is asking, that are “what would be the equable solution for an issue” to “what can be the perfect solution for suiting Angie, a freelance designer”. These two basic and easy fundamental tools can consist of a fundamental effect. It can also have reminder depicting that the project is not everything, but the people utilizing it.

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