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The Dark Aphrodisiac

Posted by Paul on 16. June 2014
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Dark chocolate is an exceptional food made that benefit your health. It is made up of cocoa and milk which is low in sweet and is considered healthy even by the doctors all around the world. Dark chocolate contains 30% of cocoa solids in order to be considered as dark chocolate.

It contains caffeine at times to enhance the taste and flavor. But it cannot be considered as a gift for an occasion as it is not liked by everyone but all have tasted it some time in their life.

Dark Chocolate is considered as a great aphrodisiac not only now but from the ancient time, as well as scientifically. The Mayans created bitter water from the seeds of cocoa that increased their power of creation of life as derived from the ancient scripts. Dark chocolate is made of a number of ingredients that enhances the brains serotonin levels which enables the brain to feel the pleasures of life and encourages us to fall in love. It increases levels of testosterones in humans and can also lower the rate of blood pressure. It releases happy hormones too that lifts up a person’s mood when they are sad.

Apart from this cocoa is an anti oxidant that protects damage from various things. Studies showed that things made up of cocoa have great benefits that increases functions of the brain and makes your skin proper as well. Nowadays, spas are offering dark chocolate massage and wraps that helps in rejuvenating your skin and bring out your inner glow.

Dark chocolates apart from being great aphrodisiacs have good health benefits as well, they are:

Protection from the sun: dark chocolate prevents skin from getting damaged from the harmful UV rays of the sun as the flavonoids in the chocolate increases blood flow in the skin.

Stress reduction: consumption of dark chocolate everyday reduces stress and releases happy hormones.

It enhances mood: dark chocolate contains PEA that makes you feel like you are in love and enhances the emotions.

Controls BP: it acts as a protection to diabetes and regains the ability to use the body’s insulin effectively.

Good for brain: dark chocolate does not only increase blood flow in the heart but in the brain as well. It boosts brain’s performance for a continuous three hours.

Good for heart: helps the heart in blood flow and lowers the level of cholesterol keeping the heart healthy.

Dark chocolate is considered as beneficial as it has benefits and anti oxidant properties to gives you enough reason to choose over milk chocolate. It contains less sugar and reduces the chance of heart attack.

There are many dark chocolate brands but the best among those are:

Godiva chocolate: it is a Belgium brand of chocolate that comes in gold foil boxes and broken off into squares.

Hershey’s chocolate: it is a famous brand of milk chocolate, but has an assortment of dark chocolate as well and is easily found in the shops.

Ghirardelli chocolate: it is a San Francisco based chocolate brand that comes in chocolate squares that comes in pre packaged servings.

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