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Drinking and Driving Charge Costs More than just Driving License

Posted by Paul on 04. April 2014
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

There are people who do not care about drinking and driving and thinks they would easily get away with it. But it damages not only their thinking but even the ones that get hurt due to somebody’s irresponsibility. It is often proved fatal for the person who is driving and for the passengers also.

The Problems with Drunken Driving:

Driving after drinking blurs the vision of the drivers so they often cannot see the road signs and signals properly. This leads to fatal accidents or mishap that is threatening for others. Currently the law of DUI includes civil and criminal penalties.

The Penalties involved Under Driving under the Influence (DUI):

·         Jail or Imprisonment for a long time

·         Restitution and Community services

·         Abuse treatment and high fines

·         Permanent loss of driving license or suspension

There are several drivers that suffer due to drunken driving. It’s always better to act responsibly than to suffer later. Under the influence of alcohol people tend to lose their memory and they could not understand what they are doing. So there were prevention measures that had the motorists to install interlock devices for alcohol from the government that was sanctioned to avoid the mishaps.

If a person gets caught in any of these, they might get punished:

·         A drunken driving offence with blood or breath concentration of 0.15 or even more.

·         Driving under liquor influence.

·         Unable to provide a blood or breath specimen for test.

·         Dangerously driving under the influence of alcohol.

·         More than two drunken driving offences within a time period of five year.

The devices are made to prevent a driver from driving under the influence of alcohol by requiring a sample of breath before starting the vehicle. The drivers are permitted to opt for a program that prohibits driving a motor vehicle for a period of minimum of two years. In this cases a criminal lawyer is able to assist that arises from drinking driving charge or participation in the interlock program for alcohol. The results of not adjusting could lead to disastrous results for you and your family.

The Act of Law:

Criminal law is a complex and amazing area for legal practice. It demands an understanding of some important law, ability to advocate and court procedure on behalf of their clients. Drunk Under the Influence (DUI) lawyer manages several issues leading to the arrests and appeals that are filed after the conviction. The Drink Driving Lawyers Gold Coast also challenges the reports of chemical testing to get the convict out of the jail. The lawyer works out various ways and laws to reduce the term of imprisonment. In some of the cases, the lawyers search for evidence to get the convict out of the jail.

The lawyer provides assistance by:

·         Provides advices on expected penalties.

·         Refers you to driving programs or other professionals.

·         Appears on behalf of you in the court to make submissions to the Magistrate about certain circumstances.

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