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The Lost Game- Tanmoy Dey

Posted by Paul on 16. August 2014
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Readers? Are you guys reading this on a paper or a book?? Of course not! The reason behind this is nothing but the Generation Gap. The Advanced Technology brings you the Computers, the Laptops, the Tabs, the Smart phone in your hand. You can download various games from these gadgets.

I hope we all enjoy this kind of game. Let me tell you that you can ask any kid, “baby! Can you tell me name of a game?? ” He/she will smartly answer you- “yes, angry bird”. It is very unfortunate to say that this Generation has lack of time, or the place to play. Their time is spent in front of television- “the stupid box”, Video Games or Mobile Games that I mentioned.
Now, back to the memory lane! I can remember the games that pupils used to play in their childhood. These are getting lost day by day but more or less, I am sure that all of our readers can find themselves related to these kinds of games.
Let us read about and swim ourselves to our childhood and help our kids to know a “lost story”.

Chupachupi (Hide & seek):
It is a very popular game in childhood. Although parents are get involved into the act. No particular area is needed to continue this game. You can enjoy this at your home also. But the suitable position is to be on outdoor! The rule of this game is to catch all the participants who are already hidden in somewhere. Whenever one guy is caught then it will be his/her turn to try to catch the other hidden participants. The game will be continued in such chain actions.

Lattu (top):
The beginner is introduced to judge a letter ‘T’ for ‘Top’. But I am sure most of the children are not sanguine about it. The orthodox spinning top is to spin the top by a wrapped string. This kind of act is very popular in village as well as in street side area. Though now a day’s some electronic tops are invented and handed over to our kids but the originality add the cheery on the ‘Top’ (read top) of the cake.

This game is quite similar to the combination of Base ball and Cricket. It is popular in all over India, especially in rural area with some local names like “Dangulli” in Bengal, “Gooti Billa” in Telegu and so on. The main objective of this game is to strike the ‘Gilli’ (The small wooden tapered ball or object) by the ‘Danda’ (The much longer rigid wooden object). ‘Giili’ should be hit over the boundary. Mainly boys are much fantasized of this game.

Goti (playing marbles):
Better known as ‘Gully Sports”! It is one of the favorite game of boys in village and town street area. The moto of this game is to hit marbles or “kancha” in a row by a marble in hand. The technique of the hitting marble is by holding the marble inside the index or the middle finger. The winner takes all the marbles from the others.

Aankh micholi:
We are often playing this game in picnic spot with our kids. It becomes enjoyable as the number of players is increased. Eyes of one of the players are tied tightly by a hanky (read handkerchief) and he/she has to find and catch a player among all of the participants.

A very good entertaining game! Basically it is an indoor game and children used to play this in their Tiffin hour or off time. Paper chits are made for ‘Raja’,’ Sipahi’, ‘Chor’ and ‘Daku’ with 1000, 500, 100, 200 points respectively. 4 players will pick one each. The ‘Raja’ and ‘Sipahi’ chit holders introduce themselves and the other two (‘Daku’ and ‘Chor’) are get silenced. ‘Raja’ then orders his ‘Sipahi’ to find either ‘Chor’ or ‘Daku’. ‘Sipahi’ has to find the proper one. If he chooses the right one then he gets the full point i.e. 500. But if he fails then point becomes zero. The rule is also applicable for the chosen chor or ‘Daku’ chit holder also.

Langdi tang-kit-kit:
This game is famous among the girls. It is popular in village where raw soils are seen. Six square shaped rectangles are drawn on the soil. Two teams with same number of girls are separated. One team member has to cross a flat stone (called ‘chara’) by kicking with one leg. She can’t put her leg down until she makes sure that the ‘chara’ is crossed to the opposite boundary. The entire task has to be completed by saying ‘kit- kit- kit- kit’ without taking any breath.

Can you recall your past? We are in 21st century and we spend a lot of money at shopping mall play station zone. But I am sure we left our childhood and will never get the taste of it. By reading this you may find yourself as a kid for 5-6 minutes. Is it not a great pleasure?

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