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North Bangalore is Calling – Are you there?

Posted by Paul on 12. November 2013
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by Bharath Joshi

Bangalore once nicknamed as the pensioners’ paradise, is now rebranded as the Silicon Valley of India. The sudden transformation of Bangalore to an IT knowledge centre was boosted by these reasons investor friendly attitude of the state availability of large IT workforce the pleasant weather in Bangalore.


During the initial days of boom, IT companies set offices in Electronic City. Later, companies started exploring places like Whitefield, and Bannerghatta area.  In May 2008 the new airport started functioning at the south of Devanahalli. This facility triggered a flow of capital, people and investment to the north side of Bangalore.

Real Estate Boom in North Bangalore

Apart from the International Airport, another major IT project started in the north corridor of Bangalore. Manyata Embassy Business Park started in a 110 acre near close to Hebbal area. Besides this, other more investments started following in. Other projects in the pipeline include Aerospace Park, KIADB Park, Devanahalli Business Park, and other hospitality related projects. All these centres opened up thousands of job opportunities to hordes of people in Bangalore.

According to leading builders and realtors, North Bangalore has a big potential to outgrow other areas in the next 5 years. The accelerated growth is evident in the spike of rent for luxury apartments in Manyata Tech Park area.

Also, the development can be seen in the construction of different residential, commercial and hospitality projects. Optimism spurs growth for Luxury House in Bangalore While North Bangalore is emerging as the greater Bangalore, it’s becoming the home for thousands of professionals. More people working in North Bangalore choose to stay close in their office as it cuts down on travel.

The growing number of upper middle class and affluent professionals is driving a demand for luxury apartments in North Bangalore. People with more disposable income started looking for luxury apartments in North Bangalore with world class like better amenities, classy interior décor, and other facilities.

Living in World Class Luxury

These days amenities inside 3/4 BHK Luxury House in North Bangalore includes fully equipped gymnasium, infinity pool, Jacuzzi, landscaped garden and kids play area and covered parking lot.

 Green Initiative in Luxury House in Bangalore

Besides the modern facilities, more luxury housing projects are embedding green living concepts. This allows people living in these luxury apartments in Bangalore to adopt an eco-friendly living.

In line with this, many prominent builders like Unishire are sourcing locally made materials for building construction. Also, most architects are incorporating provision for using natural light and good ventilation. This reduces the load on external power.

Right Time to Invest in North Bangalore

Looking ahead, most builders expect over 20 to 45% growth in the 3/4 BHK luxury houses in Bangalore. All macro and micro economic parameters indicate that it’s the right time to invest in luxury apartments in Manyata Tech Park.

In a nutshell, it’s the right time for people who have missed the earlier real estate boom in Bangalore. If you’re looking for real estate investment in Bangalore, then investing in a luxury house in North Bangalore offer the best return on investment.

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