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Reasons Why You Need a Faster Broadband

Posted by Jenv on 21. July 2017
Jenv T Corre is a Sr. Content Writer and Researcher at Optimind Technology Solutions, a web design and SEO company in the Philippines.


“Everything is relative. Is the Internet fast? Not for most people. Is it always on? Yes, for cable modem and DSL  users, but that represents a tiny percentage of users.” -John Patrick

In a modern world wherein most individuals would demand to stay connected online, only the fastest internet connection would do. Today, more and more devices can connect to the internet such as phones, game consoles, tablets, laptops and even watches so that people who would need to stay online can do so without so much of a hassle. However, being perpetually connected online would be all be for naught if your internet connection is fraught with problems such as slow download and upload speeds and the like.

In an average household where most of its inhabitants are connected to one system, having an internet connection that moves at the pace of a turtle can be incredibly frustrating. For this reason, it is best if you opted for faster connectivity by installing a broadband connection at home. It can make a significant difference especially if it is faster than your conventional broadband. Most broadband connections equipped with faster speeds utilize fiber-optic technology which can send and receive date more quickly. As a result, your connection allows you to do more.

Still unconvinced?

Here are the top reasons why you need a faster internet connection or a faster broadband:

1.) Enjoy HD streaming

Have you ever tried streaming video only to experience a grainy definition midway? Or even worse, have it buffer or stop in the middle of an important scene? Well, with a faster internet connection, you would not have to contend with this. Additionally, faster broadbands allow for high-definition video streaming which is far superior to that of standard-definition. Individuals with ordinary internet connections would have a hard time managing to stream these videos as they need faster speed. With a faster connection, you would not only be able to stream these videos seamlessly, but you would enjoy amazing picture quality as well.

2.) It allows for multiple users

More often than not, having a lot of people connect to the internet simultaneously can put a lot of stress on your connection. Because of this slower speeds and downloads will ensue. If you wish to have, your kids connect to the Playstation Network while you take a video call and while someone else is streaming an HD movie in the living room then it is high time to switch to a faster internet connection as it would allow multiple users to get a better online experience.

3.) Faster downloads

One of the most frustrating things about having a slow internet connection is having to wait long stretches of time just for downloads to finish. For some users, this would mean leaving the PC or laptop on for longer periods of time in order to allow for the downloads to finish. As a result, electricity bills would rack up. However, if you opted for a faster internet connection, you would have less waiting time for downloading your favorite movies and music.

4.)  Faster web browsing

It can be incredibly infuriating to surf the Internet if each page you load turns out clunky or would take more than just a few seconds to load. This is especially true for web pages that are filled with photos and videos or are heavily laden with graphics. A faster internet connection would allow for these pages to load more quickly so that you can get the information you want in no time.

5.) Video calls

If you have family, relatives or friends living on the other side of the world, making video calls would be something you would regularly do. One way to keep in touch is through Skype or Facebook Messenger Video Chat, but with a slow internet connection, it can take quite a long time to get connected, and the chances of the picture dropping out are more likely. Having a faster connection would address all this and makes sure you stay connected and in touch with your loved ones better.

6.) Backing up Documents

Files such as photos, videos, and important documents are incredibly important, so it is only appropriate that you back these digital files. A cloud service addresses this and is an easy solution. Having a faster internet speed would mean you can upload these files faster.

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