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The stupendous BMW M6 – Ultimate Invention

Posted by Nikhil on 01. June 2015
Nikhil Rajput is the Co-Founder of Cars India. He's passionate about Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Cars & Bikes.

The most famous German automobile company namely the Bayerische Motoren Werke or as we commonly call it BMW is a fantastic manufacturing organization which is very much active in producing the best luxurious cars worldwide. This company has made it possible for us to taste the best of what luxury ride had to offer. This company has launched a new series of its design cars with absolute fantastic features and breathtaking power. This new BMW series car is known as the M6.

The BMW M6 delivers the best high performance and it is an invention of the 6th series. The combination of debasing supremacy along with a indulging inside is just too much to ask for. This particular car is also rooted with abundant new hi-tech features and the entire car is coated with the most stylish metal leaf.

This particular model is built on the standard models of the 6th series that the company has already designed. This particular model has a very powerful and aggressive body along with stylish and strong alloy wheels. The standard size of the wheels is about 19 inches but the company is also giving an option of studding 20 inch wheels if you desire. The wheels have a menacing power and an elegant look along with its wider air intake.

The interior of the car is designed with the best seats in market. It has exclusive sports seating which will hold every single commuter in their place. The custom tailored M drive system and the M-Heads- up display is one of the special features of this car apart from many. The designers have taken ample time out in crating this super beast with great perfection and stability. The steering wheel that is embedded in the car is a standard three-spoke one. All over the car emanates the 6 series look along with an additional aura of class and supremacy.


The super M-style feat.
This latest car is also rooted with a twin turbo 4.4 litters V8 which is very much faster and efficient than the previous M5 model. This engine has a horse power of 560 which delivers super performance with style. This particular V8 engine has many boasting features like its 500lb-ft torque which has a very wide range of rpm ranging from 1500-5700. The rev limit of the engine is set at the level of 7200 rpm which is comparatively less than the V10 engine of the M5’s. The beast gets its strong growl from the two twin-scroll turbo chargers which are positioned between the two cylinders. These turbo chargers are responsible for delivering a power boost greater than many. The company challenges that the car could dash about 62 mph in just mere 4 seconds. But this challenge becomes futile when the same car can dash it to 124 mph in 12 seconds, which is an astonishing characteristic of this beast.


The car is also entrenched with seven forward gears which can change the ride from normal to sports driving within seconds. The car also offers an option of dual clutch box. The fuel economy for this car is different for its different modes. If the dual clutch is used then the requirement of fuel in the city is about 14 mpg and the highway roads require about 20 mpg. If you want to opt for the six-speed mechanism then the mileage offered is about 15-22 mpg. This beast is made to glue to the roads with the help of M-specific suspensions which offer stability when the car is flying about in the highway roads. The special ABS tuning of this car manages the stability of the beast when it is set to a sporting face. Its huge 15.7/15.6 brakes make it possible to bring the beast to a halt with no extra pressure or torture. The brake system is very much smooth. The company also offers optional carbon ceramic brakes.


The race kit
the company loves its customers and it has installed a specific very healthy race kit which is optional for those customers who love taking their beast out on the track roads for a swift run. The race kit offers an extra 15 horsepower, fresh coil springs and rigid anti-sway bars. The company also offers a bespoke 20 inch alloy wheel disposal along with a sports exhaust system.


Touchstone gear
This car is fixed with every luxury that you can afford. The interior is designed with lavish leather along with a 20 way adjustable power heated seats. The company has also installed a fantastic navigation system which has a display of about 10.2 inches. The system also provides real time traffic information. The other gears that are installed in the car are a camera for the rear parking, a cruise control which is based on the radar system. A music system which is studded with 12 speakers and a HD radio, it also has an adaptor for an iPod with Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming. It also has an automatic dual zone climate control system and a keyless start engine mechanism.

Safety gears:
the safety gears of this car are very well updated. It is installed with multiple air bags in the front, rear, side as well as the knee. The interior also has active head moderation and stability system. It has a powerful technology mounted in it which becomes active when it senses an upcoming crash. The system starts taking all the precautions like tightening the seat belts and closing the sunroof and windows. There is also a convention for involuntary brake supply which can prevent the car from a secondary smash. If you ever want to take this beast out for long journeys then it can sense your fatigue inputs and will ping you so that you can take some rest.

This car is the ultimate invention of BMW M series which has changed the perception of many customers. This beast is rated as the best by many users.

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