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Top ten sensational rock music bands

Posted by Paul on 24. September 2014
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This year 2014 has tended to see certain outstanding rock releases. There are however top ten rock music band in 2014 whose effects have flourished in every corners of the world. However the list of the rock bands is being updated throughout the entire year. The albums as well as the artists which are currently running within the Best 2014 Rock Albums are as follows:


  • Bad Religion – It took greater than thirty years for the Bad Religion to ultimately crack on the Top 20 on Billboard Top 200. Their sixteenth album “True North” has set great records in the rock music category. It is a streamlined and concise effort along with approximately all song of 3 minutes. This album has a kind of classic Bad Religion sound along with no greater surprises. But it generally does well which a person would not mind. However “True North” depicts that after three decades the fast, loud and aggressive legends are pointing in the correct direction.
  • Tomahawk – Not all the artists gather much respect rather than Mike Pattison. Starting from Tomahawk to Fantomas to Mr. Bungle to Faith No More, there are no sorts of shortage of interests within the projects. Tomahawk’s fourth album is “Oddfellows” initially and overall from 2007. However the experimentation of the earlier albums which are on display can be stripped down and sufficiently accessible. Latest bassist Trevor Dunn is a good addition in to the lineup. It further assists in creating Tomahawk’s “Oddfellows” a better effort from the 2001 debut.
  • The Bronx – After many years playing off fast, loud and aggressive mariachi songs along with the return of The Bronx along with a vengeance in “The Bronx IV”. Their music is punchy and gritty along with adequate pop flow while transitioning from one track to another. There are also potent riffs along with reflective lyrics and a nary ounce of filler. Of a person is drifted away from The Bronx the last few years, “The Bronx IV” can be a good reason for a comeback. Moreover if one is not yet familiar along with the band, it can tend to be a superb place for beginning.
  • Dave Grohl and Others – “Sound City”, Dave Grohl’s film depicts the legendary Los Angeles studio. It specifically the legendary console being utilized within the recording of certain biggest albums of the time. The soundtrack of the documentary had certain spectacular collaborations like “Cut Me Some Slack”. Certain other song features Grohl along with artists like Stevie Nicks, Corey Taylor, Josh Homme and Trent Reznor.
  • Clutch – The longest running Maryland band Clutch has built up to be great and reliable following over several years. Their new album “Earth Rocker” is too heavier rather than their present albums. Moreover those are sufficiently streamlined after going through a long pre-production. Neil Fallon said Clutch is one of the best rock bands in the music business.
  • Stone Sour – It is tough to write and then record greater quality songs for making a great album and is also harder for performing it for a double album. But it is exactly what the Stone Sour had done along with the concept album named “House of Gold & Bones Vol. 2”. The initial half was released in the late 2012, whereas; the second part released during the spring time of 2013. Both of these albums were just outstanding.
  • Rob Zombie – Rob Zombie had made one of the best albums named “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor”. It is said to be a cohesive album, along with strong songwriting being expertly walking on the line among captivating and campy.
  • Alice in Chains – After approximately fifteen years Alice in Chains had made a triumphant return in the year 2009 with “Black Gives Way to Blue”. But this year it was “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” which sustained the band for a great comeback.
  • Palms – Palms is a latest rock band which provides unique and latest sonic elements. This band is made of many team members like Aaron Haarris, Jeff Caxide, Bryant Clifford Meyer, and many more.

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