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Why Dental Implants Are A Popular Treatment For Missing Natural Tooth?

Posted by Paul on 12. September 2016
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Romesh Seth, into his early 30s, met with a freak accident. It was a narrow escape as the impact of collusion somehow just brushed past him. He felt lucky for having survived the mishap but somewhere deep down, he felt low for one reason – he had lost two of his teeth in the accident.

Soon, he realized that his facial charms were gone, and the dazzle of smile, faded into oblivion. His personality did not make the same impact as it did prior the accident and this kept hurting him. Expectedly, his self-esteem reached the depth, and the ever-dipping level of confidence soon followed the path.

For Romesh, the life suddenly became devoid of any quality. Speaking and eating problems tailed along making the matter even worse. Frustrated and disturbed, he stopped venturing out of the home and he did not meet his circle of friends for long.
This is when one of his friends suggested him dental implants. And this is how the life of Romesh got back alive once again…

What is dental implant?
Dental implant is a permanent and durable replacement option for those with missing one, two or more natural teeth. It’s basically a fixture embedded within the jaw bone to replace natural teeth through support to a prosthesis (either a crown or denture). It’s the bone formation post the implant that ensures solidity, anchorage and stability to the artificial teeth.

Who is a right candidate for dental implant?
In general, anyone with missing natural teeth is eligible for dental implants. This dental procedure can also be availed by other people, including –

Those who either miss one, two or more natural teeth

Those who look for a durable replacement or option to replace their missing teeth

Those who have lost their facial aesthetics due to loss of the teeth

Those whose smile has lost its verve and zing in the wake of losing the teeth

Those who’re troubled by eating and speaking due to losing the teeth

Those not feeling comfort with their dentures

Reasons for choosing dental implants
Dentists worldwide recommend dental implants as they are superior to other prosthetics in the market. Benefits are many in choosing implants, including –

#1    The most natural option
Dental implants are considered the most natural option around as they look and feel like your real teeth. In terms of comfort and convenience too, they never look like something other than your natural teeth. Having them makes you feel like you never lost your teeth in the first place.

#2    The most durable option
Dental implants can even outlast the patients. They are amazingly durable and this is a major reason of their universal popularity. They may cost a bit more than other options but their being one-time investment justifies the cost fully. After all, they last long, fairly long.

#3    Restorer of your dazzling smile
Dental implants are considered a wonderful restorer of your dazzling smile whose charm was faded with the loss of the natural teeth. Over the implants, dentists often place visually charming dental prosthesis to get back your smile and the pleasing personality as well. That’s why, people prefer it for smile makeover purposes.

#4    Freedom of eating anything
With dentures, you can’t eat hard foods. You can’t also eat sticky items. In a sense, you can’t eat a lot of your favourite items which means things are tough. Nothing of this sort happens with implants as it does not bind in any manner when it comes to eating. You are free to eat whatever your heart wishes.

#5    Comfort and hygiene of desired variety
Dental implants are easy to maintain. They are easy to brush and clean, in the same manner as you’d with natural ones. They never pose any troubles in maintenance and hygiene work and they are not harmful to the surrounding tooth structure in any way. They are without doubt the next best option to your natural teeth.

In overall, implants are growing in popularity by the day on the back of advantages and benefits they bring. You should therefore not delay getting dental Implants in Delhi and restoring the lost charm and lost facial glow in the wake of the missing natural teeth.

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