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10 Ways To Get The Most Nutrients From The Food

Posted by Paul on 06. September 2018
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We all have head about the benefits of healthy eating, the perks of keeping a check on our consumption. If you follow you diet strictly and still cannot see the effect of the same on your body, it is probably because you are not doing it right. From the days of early childhood we are taught to eat more fruits and vegetables as they provide our body with the required minerals and vitamins. The healthy food items when eaten regularly seriously benefit the well- being of the person. But if you do not know the different effects these nutritional food can have on you body at different times and also on the way of the consumption, then you are missing the whole point behind eating healthy. Check 10 Ways To Get The Most Nutrients:

10 Ways To Get The Most Nutrients:

Surprising ways in which we can get the maximum benefit from the things we consume.In defense to such theories, many people said that it was the reason why they preferred consuming raw or lightly cooked vegetables but that is not always good either. Sure, over cooking certain food items takes away the important nutrients from them but that is not always the case. Certain food items are most beneficial, not when they are under cooked or when they are eaten raw but specifically when they are cooked in a certain way.

Here are certain ways in which you can be sure of gaining the maximum benefit when consumed in a particular way:

1. Hand picked food items are best when eaten right after being picked

Food items that you get straight from the earth have the highest vitamins and minerals when they are picked and hence it is best to consume them then. Another factor that is important here is to look for organically grown food items. That is how you can be sure that what you are consuming is nothing but beneficial for you.

2. Soak, blend, crush- different for different food items

These are certain steps that work the best to make the food be more fruitful for you. Cutting the food items before consumption frees their nutrition. Crushing items like garlic releases its nutrient allicin which is anti bacterial and hence good for you. Certain food items when soaked release iron, zinc, magnesium, again helpful for the body.

3. Storing them in right way

Another factor that you must keep in mind is how you store your fruits and vegetables. There are two major things that you need to keep in mind, keep fruits and vegetables in a more accessible place and keep a check on the heat and the light.

4. Heat sensitive nutrients should be eaten raw

Items like peas, sprouts and seeds, broccoli, spinach are best eaten raw because that is when the body has maximum absorption for the water soluble nutrients. When these items are cooked they lose B vitamins and Vitamin C.

5. Food items that are best when cooked

As said earlier, necessarily, not all food items are best consumed raw. There are food items that release their nutrients when cooked. Like tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato, eggs and meat. Cooking them makes them more consumable, digestive and the boiling water can be taken as a stew to even take their excess nutrients.

6. Food pairing

Time and again our doctors have suggested us to follow a balanced diet. Putting the right food items together is not just to enhance the flavor but also to make sure that the body gets all the nutrients. For example, ion goes best with items containing Vitamin C, fat goes bet with fat.

7. Simple cooking methods

Yes, everybody loves the mastered art of cooking being presented to them on the dining table. It tastes like heaven in the mouth and why would anyone not like that. But that takes away the core value of cooking. Cooked food is much easier for you to consume and you body can intake more of it than it can in its raw form.

8. Frozen foods are not as healthy as they claim to be.

Many people now have more frozen food items in their refrigerators than they have organic vegetables. This is the biggest threat to their health. These frozen goods do no good to the body and instead harm them so much. Many dentists have said that the main reason why people today have so many dental issues is the over consumption of packed goods and frozen items. Get the dental treatments in Delhi if you too have been consuming a lot of packed goods.

9. Try more animal based products

Animal based products are extremely beneficial for the body. The reason being, our body is more likely to absorb the nutrients from the animal based products than they do from a plant source.

10. Eat only if it suits you

Yes, it is very important to consume the fruits and the vegetables and it is very important that you follow a strict diet, but you must do so only if it suits you. Your body might be allergic to certain things and it is important you consume only the things that are actually good for you.

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