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Daab Chingri recipe without a microwave


From the very opening word of the title, you can very well comprehend that this recipie represents a culture having a fetish for food. Daab or tender coconut Chingri or prawns / shrimps owned its place among rich sea food recipes.  For this recipe you need to select some good deshelled and divined prawns along with a large size tender coconut.   Generally this recipe is done in microwaves but today I will be presenting you the same one without…

06. April 2016

Places to find best food at night in Delhi & NCR


We love to dine with our friends and family. We regularly do. But there are times when you are with someone special taking city tour in your car and suddenly you (or your travelling partner) feel hungry. Usually in the capital city, you can get ample amount of food chains and restaurants known for their delicious food. When it ticks past midnight, there are some cool places to hangout where you can find different types of cuisines at reasonable prices.…

12. December 2015

Harmful trade secrets of Maggi since 1945


The entire nation has been engulfed in an uproar against the popular instant noodles brand named Maggi. This has been Nestle’s flagship product in the country and has been a moot point for nostalgia across several generations. The company is now pulling out its products from innumerable stores across the country after multiple states are banning it in response to several reports that point to the presence of excess lead in the same. These reports have generated shocking headlines across…

15. June 2015

Food or no food at all (Adulterated items in recent packed foods)


There has been worldwide uproar over the presence of several adulterated items in packed food, something which is bound to stir up a hornet’s nest when it comes to food safety and standards across the globe. Adulterated food has always been a bone of contention when it came to the mainstream acceptability of packaged foods but consumers have always proven scientists and protesters wrong when it came to overall success and sales of the same. (more…)

15. June 2015

How to make Crab curry in Bengali Way?


Crabs are considered as one of the delish in Bengali. Sizes do matter in case of making this dish. It would be best if you can small size sea crabs for crab curry. This will ease you up while making this entire dish. Now let us see what the entire recipe says: (more…)

12. June 2015

How to make Mango Smoothie Delights?


In this hot summer, having cool fresh juice like Mango Smoothie is like heaven. But going outside and having it will not give you that feast which you may get in making on your own. It’s like creating a delight for you in the month of scorching heat. (more…)

10. June 2015

How to make Phuchka or Golgappe?


Golgappe or phuchka is a famous delish with some mouth watering experiences. This snack is now winning hearts all over the world. It is considered to be an inexpensive medium to rule your heart with tangy taste and dip of masala. The flavor of this dish simply makes you go wild with fun and share it with others. (more…)

10. June 2015

Chocolates and its Variations


Chocolates, the mood enhancer is a sweet dessert that is loved by all. Its passion goes beyond discrimination of age or mood. The sweetness or the slightly bitter taste it provides fascinates the chocolate lovers. (more…)

15. December 2014

How to make quick and healthy masala muri?


Food is one of the most primary needs for human being. There are many but human can live without the others but food is irreplaceable and has no alternative and will never have. Food provides the energy for human body mechanism. Every human being does fancy the food a lot. By Tanmoy Dey (more…)

10. November 2014

Biriyani- History and process of making


The word Biriyani is derived from the word ‘Birian’, it originated in Persia and it came to India via Afghanistan. Biriyani means ‘Fried before Cooking’. In the early days rice was fried in ghee before it was cooked with spices, potato, egg and meat. It was invented by the Mughal Emperors. (more…)

08. August 2014
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