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Best customised Packs from the best DTH provider


Forget about having to deal with all the ‘tolerance’ in life, we as Indians are so tolerant when it comes to the kind of entertainment we get at home. We should really get only the best form of channels at home with zero interruptions. Gone are the days when you had to go and rent a movie from the local movie store or have to wait for hours together to watch a rerun of your favourite shows. It has become…

21. July 2017

Reasons Why You Need a Faster Broadband


  “Everything is relative. Is the Internet fast? Not for most people. Is it always on? Yes, for cable modem and DSL  users, but that represents a tiny percentage of users.” -John Patrick In a modern world wherein most individuals would demand to stay connected online, only the fastest internet connection would do. Today, more and more devices can connect to the internet such as phones, game consoles, tablets, laptops and even watches so that people who would need to…

21. July 2017

Know All About Polymer Surge And Lightning Arresters


What are Lightning Arresters? If you want to protect the conductors and insulators of a telecommunication system or electrical power system from getting damaged by lightning, you need to affix a device called the lightning arrester. The typical gadget consists of a ground terminal and a high voltage terminal. The arrester works on the following principle: whenever there is a lightning or a switching surge, the extra current travels along the arrester that has the capacity of then diverting the…

15. December 2016

We’re moving to a wireless future; SHAREit is proof


In today’s generation, we stop using Bluetooth for transferring files because it consumes much time. Now, everyone prefers to use SHAREit App because it is considered as one of the most amazing Apps for sharing any files such as images, music, videos or pictures. This App helps us to transfer any large file from one device to another just within seconds with the help of Wi-Fi connection very easily. Before we used to use Bluetooth or data cables but within…

18. November 2016

The On Demand Workforce in the On Demand Industry


The on demand economy is fast spreading its wings and is disrupting the traditional business models across the globe. Today people expect goods and services on demand when they are on the move as most of them don’t have time to get them with increased working hours and busy schedules.This has led to the fast paced growth of these business techniques. If one side is the customers of the business the other is operational side. The operational side has become…

01. September 2016

New 4G Android Phone Vivo V3Max Draws Attention with Features


The global smartphone brand, Vivo India is making waves in the android phone industry with its new launch, the V3Max model. Shell out INR 23,980 from your pocket and you have a smartphone that has a metal unibody and plays Hi-Fi music like no other. Fast Charging and Metallic Body The V3Max has a faster dual charging feature that allows its 3,000 mAh battery to provide two hours of playback music in just 300 seconds of charging. Thus, there is…

11. July 2016

10 Remarkably Weird Uses of Selfie Sticks That Even its Makers Won’t Know!


Are you hearing a lot about selfie stick these days but don’t know why you need it then here are the 10 remarkably weird uses of this sleek and trendy stick that will leave you amazed!   This simple stick that holds the mobile on one end while offering controls on other can be used for some really weird tasks that even its makers won’t know!   We all know what these sticks are meant for and the obvious applications…

30. May 2016

IPhone Application Review – Make your iPhone work more than an iPhone


IPhone from Apple has its wide fan club resulted from its features and performance. The phone that is based on iOS has efficiently attracted many Android users too. If you have been wondering till now that Android has many apps and is user friendly too then iOS has proven over time that it also has the apps to take care of user requirements effectively and more importantly these apps are updated to go beyond other smartphones. The right combination of…

10. March 2016

ECM – Better Customer Experience in Digital Media


The current economic scenario has put businesses in the face of several unwelcome challenges. Organizations in digital might already have Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, but question is do they have ROI coming in. Most customers ask if ECM provides returns that are high enough to exceed the cost and time incurred for its purchase, design, and installation.   Earlier, by using content management solutions, you could organize and sort internal documents and marketing content. However, with ECM, you can…

11. February 2016

Li-Polymer Power Banks


Africa! Is a lovely country, a tropical haven, beautiful scenery, warm empathetic people, colourful rich culture, abundant natural resources and the list goes on and on. Like every other continent my beloved Africa has its fair or challenges or should I say has “more” than its fair share of challenges. Regrettably most notable challenges we face over here is .. yes you guessed right ‘Energy’. (more…)

29. June 2015
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