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Bad Impacts of Demonetization As Coming Out


By Deblina Dey Had it been proved to be a fruitful decision? When our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the demonetization of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes of Indian currency, he had not the least idea about what he did. Actually, he had paid the most irreverence to his own mother-like Indian currency in the name of eradicating corruption and black money. The entire mass of India didn’t come to realize even by then, which sort…

03. May 2017

Why students love to study in the top international schools in Bangalore?


One of the important decision making for Parents is that where their sons and daughters will get admitted for schooling? This is a very hard decision to make because if the children don’t receive the right education, they will struggle when they grow up. So, parents tend to place their kids in prestigious schools. The factors before choosing the best international schools are are so many. In today’s world of rat races, everybody tries to become number one in a…

09. January 2017



Mind is beautiful. Mind can imagine. Mind can see what eyes can't. Mind can feel  what skin can't. Mind can help you to feel positive at your torrid time. Mind can alert you for the upcoming crisis time. Mind-ing our own business can lead to success. Mind can create new journeys which can help you to reach your own goal. Mind can filter your thoughts and words so that it could be meaningful. Mind is receptive until it reaches amygdala.…

15. November 2016

Trouble time


When the dark phase arrives whispering 'Its over'! When the political birds chirp 'Its my way or the hell way'. When anti-socials wear the mask of social activists. When economists make sure the economy falls for benefits of capitalist. When arts are suppressed in the name of nationalist. When communication platforms are used to suppress opinions. When war become a tool to win vote bank. When bloods don't have value and water,lands become more valuable than human life. When soldiers…

27. October 2016

How to take care of your Dog?


Pets are the part of our family that can improve your way of life. Whether you own a cat, dog or a bird you must maintain their health condition. We will further discuss about the ways to take care of your dog. Your dog provides you with a lifetime of friendship, loyalty and love. In return all you have to do is provide for food, shelter, vet care, exercise and partnership. It gradually becomes routine of everyday life that will…

25. October 2016

Advantages Of Government Jobs


Government Jobs Government jobs come up with innumerable advantages. There are a lot of bright sides of doing a government job, though most of the younger generations are not interested in government jobs these days. This is because private organizations attract them the most, but they tend to forget that doing a government job can be a fruitful career option for them. Teaching is noble Teaching among all the government jobs is the most noble. This is because teaching is…

11. April 2016

Study in Singapore Universities – Realm of Quality Education


It might be little, yet in the domains of advanced education and exploration, Singapore is a huge hitter. In case you're pondering seeking after studying in Singapore, read on to figure out all that you have to know to begin on your Southeast Asian venture. Why Study in Singapore Colleges? Driven by excellence, Singapore education offers an expansive base educational program and worldwide point of view to furnish understudies with the significant capability and training that serves as a springboard…

05. May 2015

Make a bright career by choosing the SAP training courses


SAP Training Institute in India: There are numerous SAP organizations in everywhere throughout the world however few of them are certifiable and approved and convey proficient sap preparing. Some of them cover the whole module. There just two approved with SAP which gives SAP certification. (more…)

29. April 2015

Higher education——————India or not!!!!!


by Nayanna Chatterjee India a land which is dynamic in every aspect and trying to catch up with every Global spirit sometimes forgets and neglects her own people! (more…)

05. October 2013

Advertising on online education

Every media being used by most of the consumers incorporates the utilization of advertisements. It serves a purpose of acquiring people for purchasing products. It can even serve for the utility of some services of the advertising company. The making of advertisements whether being utilized in a television program or magazine, consumes a great amount planning. It also needs a certain creative capability in a person. Moreover the students can learn the procedure of utilizing the skills in writing. Moreover…

02. September 2013
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