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Higher education——————India or not!!!!!

Posted by Paul on 05. October 2013
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by Nayanna Chatterjee

India a land which is dynamic in every aspect and trying to catch up with every Global spirit sometimes forgets and neglects her own people!

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It is not a shocker but quite something interesting as well as ironical to learn from! Owing to the huge impact of global education formats and economy India having some of the mind bogglers do not ensure their safety for future. Higher studies are somehow becoming a burden in the land itself and opportunities are going in a haywire. Every student wishes to travel abroad to acclaim his/her talents and quality!

The rise in the price of Dollar still couldn’t snatch away their hunger but on the other hand the urge for improvement and development is nowhere seen in the country. Proper education system and the immediate revision of curriculum are highly essential. Technical education should be more concise and the dedication should be more towards the practical utility rather the old school philosophy! The amount of engineers has increased by a huge percentage from the recent years and this has given the private educational institutes a monopoly over their business but what about the future of these young minds?

After completing their degree all they manage is a job which hardly covers even the quarter of their expenses. People are dedicated more towards money than education and this idea which is instilled in the mind of the students stop them from pursuing the higher education. The huge horizon of education is left unexplored and unaware of. Even if some students decide to study further they choose the global universities rather than their own ones.

The number of tests for GRE or TOEFL is no way lesser than the GATE or Net examinations. To bring about a change in this system a change is necessary. Aspirants must be encouraged and given a chance to explore their knowledge in their own land.

1.       Education system should be made parallel to the global universities to a certain extent (if not entirely).

2.       Students must be encouraged to opt for higher education and trained accordingly.

3.       Selected candidates must be given priority based on the knowledge of their chosen    subjects.

4.       Universities must apply and develop skills which would not differentiate them from any global university.

To study abroad is never discouraged but owing to the expenses and facilities students must be given equal chances to apply their skill and enrich them in the country itself.

India has always produced some of the genius minds that the world is indebted to but nowadays she is failing to give or provide the support required to maintain that prestige. To progress economically education should advance in parallel.

Lastly, the impact of Globalisation can never be rejected and it is this inspiration which still rives the young hearts to make and feel a change. Let there be a new era where India can see a rise in education and economy shall follow the trail to success. 

Higher education——————India or not!!!!!

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