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10 Remarkably Weird Uses of Selfie Sticks That Even its Makers Won’t Know!

Posted by latest1 on 30. May 2016

Are you hearing a lot about selfie stick these days but don’t know why you need it then here are the 10 remarkably weird uses of this sleek and trendy stick that will leave you amazed!


This simple stick that holds the mobile on one end while offering controls on other can be used for some really weird tasks that even its makers won’t know!


We all know what these sticks are meant for and the obvious applications of this picture clicking device but what is worth knowing are the alternative uses of this stick that may seem funny at first but yes, sometimes these funny applications would make your life simple.


Proving that you are one happy family

Clicking the picture works on social media as a proof that you are one big happy family and that is not possible without selfie stick. You can ask one of the family members or the passerby to click the picture on your behalf but nothing will work as good as the selfie stick. This handy stick will click whole of your family in single shot. You can easily make your family strength visible in the picture clicked with selfie stick as it takes the photo from distance without making any of the family member stand behind the camera.


Convert your phone into your personal TV

Placing the phone on one end of the selfie stick to click the picture is quite common but you need to do it differently. Place this stick in upright position and see the magic! Your mobile will instantly turn into your TV where you can watch your favorite videos, movies, and TV shows even from distance.


Your personal photographer anywhere and everywhere

If you are the one who would like to get the clicks anywhere and everywhere then you will surely need a personal photographer but that won’t be practically possible unless you are into the field of glamour. Now, this selfie stick will be your personal photographer ready to accompany you at all places. This portable stick can be folded and placed in your purse or handbag to be used whenever you feel like capturing a memory or a naughty pose!


Pass the packet of chips or drink

Oops! This may sound very strange and funny as it is not something for what the selfie sticks are manufactured, but if you are not using it for what it is meant then why not use it to pass on the drink or a packet of chips while watching your favorite movie. Share your snacks and drinks with all your friends present in the room or movie theatre without disturbing the rest. This would definitely sound the weirdest of all but try it as you will simply love it!


Aerial pictures without going in air

You might have loved the aerial clicks but never aimed to do so as you will have to go in air to do so. This selfie stick will not take you in air but it will take the camera in air. The beautiful aerial click are made easy with this long selfie sticks that can reach out to any height to get you amazing aerial images. You can try your hands on different types of photography by using this stick skillfully.


Scratch your back

Sounds hilarious? Think of a situation when you are outdoors to explore the nature and your back starts itching. You won’t find anybody to scratch your back and then this stick in your handbag will come to your rescue. Just slide the stick to your back and scratch it till as much as you want.


Control the remote switches without using remote control

Don’t have remote control for the fan and light switches in your room? Use this stick to put these switches on or off. You can just be at your place and make this possible by extending the stick to the switch. This is one more use of selfie stick that its makers may have not thought of!


Underwater Clicks

Recently a video where sea lion holds the selfie stick to capture the underwater video has gone viral but there is lot of sense in that too. Capturing the underwater life is not possible without hi-tech devices. If you don’t believe then have a look at this viral video and you will know that photography is so much fun with the selfie stick and even an aquatic creature is enjoying it at fullest.


Attacking that tough to reach cobweb

This would probably be the last thing you would like to do with your selfie stick but if you are not using it for what it is meant then using it to removing cobweb would also be the great idea. Attach a broom to another end of your Selfie Stick and reach out to the cobwebs located at height. Yes, it really works!


Taking pictures with your laptop webcam

Your laptop would be at risk when you place it on your selfie stick but you can give it a try and if it works well then next time you will get great selfies from your webcam too. Here I would like to add one disclaimer – Do it at your own risk!


You may have found the above uses funny and weird but these are alternate uses of selfie stick that you may have never thought of! As far as possible use the selfie stick only to get the great selfies alone or with family and friends, but when it is not used for the intended purpose then these funny uses may also keep you and your selfie stick busy.


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