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10 Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting an Event Planner for your Personal or Corporate Event

Posted by Alisha Mohan on 24. August 2015
Content manager at Megavenues | At Megavenues you can discover, compare and book the best event venues in India |

An event planner is your best friend while organizing your party, but we are all human, even best friends and event planners. And all humans work for personal interests. Suppose you want to find a venue and all other necessities within your said budget. The event planner picks some amount of commission from that.

Now the higher your budget, the more commission he gets paid. So, he will suggest you places and cuisines which will expand your budget. Don’t be disconcerted by this little piece of common sense which tends to evade us every time we wish to please our guests; the event planner is after-all a human. While you cannot expect him to work with all honesty, here are a couple of postulates you might want to check out before you hire him:


1. His smile should not be harsh on the eyes. Meaning, you have to be absolutely comfortable around him. You cannot hire someone whose company you find obnoxious, and his manner of working sinister.


2. Hire someone after reading his testimonials, if you have met him online. Positive testimonials will give you confidence. If you wish to hire a local event planner, do so only if an acquaintance of yours had hired him in the past and thrown a bombastic bash.


3. You shouldn’t have to tell him what to do and what not to. If he claims to be adept at his job, he should be able to provide proof of that, instead of waiting on you.


4. If he misses your calls, or doesn’t reply to your messages, fire him immediately. Aimless tomfoolery is not at all expected from an event planner.


5. While deciding the venue and menu, be firm on your budget. He will want to sway you in the direction of a heavier budget, but you should know what’s best for your pockets. Even if you can afford a lavish treat, you shouldn’t regret your party while paying the bill.


6. Know and picture exactly what you want. Unless you cannot envision your own party, that event planner won’t be able to help you much, and will end up helping himself.


7. All events are different. Personal and corporate events ask for different kinds of facilities and luxuries, and if your event planner doesn’t know this already, he is no event planner.


8. Your party will be a huge hit: you just know that… until your event planner calls you to report a mishap. But then, he has a Plan B, which will restore success to your party. If he doesn’t have a Plan B, you will know you made a mistake in hiring him. To avoid this drama, ask him about his back-up plans prior to all the planning.


9. Have patience. Even the event planner might be having a hard time handling your decisions.


10. Again, all event planners are humans. Don’t assign him work, which lies beneath his dignity. If he is an event planner, he didn’t just become one over night. He put a lot of work into it, and that’s why he stands where he does. He shall not be treated as a servant.



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Sanjana Mahabale is a resident content writer at

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