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5 Mistakes the Call Centre Agents Generally Avoid and Don’t Care About

Posted by Abhishek Jainn on 20. February 2016

Call centre agents or say the representatives do have a good day or a bad day just like most of us. But when the bad days turn to become prevalent then an immediate action has to be taken. An agent who has lost interest is generally the one that may be costing your customers with every call. Given below are the 5 major mistakes that every call centre agent avoids and generally do not care about.


Not being on time and being lethargic: Through the work force management solution in your organization it does become easy to identify the agents who begin their shifts a bit late, or add up a few extra minutes to their lunch or other normal breaks. The more difficult task is to identify the call centre representatives who don’t maintain focus even when they are on their desks. Recording each and every call would be useful here. Once the problem is understood and known by your call centre agent it would then require an immediate coaching as these are agents who know what to do but really don’t show the concern to do it.


Agents being unresponsive: While not all the call centre industry agents need to be available 24/7, he or she has to be responsible enough to respond to all the voice mails, and texts in a timely manner. Call centre industry agents avoid picking up calls by giving reasons what you might have ever imagined. Oh this is the last call of the day and I have already put my stuff away, I have had an IT issue accessing our service departments the entire day, might even continue to wait as the customer requires the information etc. And as a call centre manager try and be gentle calling out those issues, or hold a meeting without addressing the names.


Passing the blame: Ok this was not your mistake. May be there was a fire caught at your partners distribution centre, or may be the customer you are dealing with ordered for a wrong product, may be the whole sales rep miss leaded the customer about the product being offered. All these do not matter. The major role of all the call centre representatives here is to report on the failures but to get them corrected. Customer’s interactions should here be based on why the customer was dissatisfied, determining how best to remedy the situation and then offer them with a solution.


Training, Training and Training: This is something that has to be given in the call centre environment, and not all leaders would believe in the same level of training. The reality here is to give all your call centre agents the tools you need to accomplish the goals, making sure that they are well versed in technology, the products and quality customer service. Only then you would here start to see the improvements in performance.


Transferring the calls of all your clients and customers: Patience is a major virtue in the call centre industry, but there are a few customers who exhaust that patience more quickly than others. Call centre representatives who lack in dealing with the issues of their customers are generally the ones who pass on their calls to the supervisors. And when this continues to happen on regular basis, you as the manager should have a talk with the representative and check why this is happening. Once you identify what the problem is it would then be easy to solve it.


So have you any time spotted these signs in the contact centre services. And if yes how have you been dealing with them. Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

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