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5 Times SRK Proved He’s the Best at Being Bad

Posted by Paul on 21. September 2015
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Playing the villain in a movie isn’t easy- you’re the anti hero, you’re the bad guy who gets beaten up, you never get the girl and of course no one in the audience roots for you either. Some actors like Salman and Aamir shy away from playing villainous roles for they fear they might get type cast. However there is one Khan who defied all laws of playing a villain- none other than King Khan himself.


Shahrukh has never shied away from taking the role less travelled and always enjoys taking bold risks. He took the risk of playing villains at the start of his career which could have type cast him but it surely paid off. Check out these 5 times SRK pulled off the villainous roles with utmost panache:




If there is one actor who could recreate the famous Don portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan then it can only be SRK. The good thing about Don is that SRK lent his own personality to the character and despite everyone comparing who did a better job at the role, it is also true that SRK made Don a whole new individual character who was quite different from the one Amitabh portrayed. The amount of sauve SRK brings to this character is really worth watching.


Don 2



This movie requires a mention as well because SRK took the Don character a step further making it truly his own and separating it from the original character. Don 2 is nothing less of a Hollywood flick and the panache that SRK brings sets the screen on fire. Be it his messy main in the openings scene with that tattoo or be it the quirky one liners he drops throughout, SRK has yet again proven his range once again. Post Don 2 SRK will be seen in another interesting and manipulative character in Raees which looks very promising and you can catch the movie using bookmyshow coupons to easily book tickets for a great movie experience.





This is quite a risky movie for a new comer to try- the protagonist is in fact the anti hero who is on a killing spree killing an innocent girl too just to take his revenge. However, Shahrukh took up this role while still fresh in his B-wood career and boy did he do it justice. He portrayed his character so well that it made you fall in love with him even more and the audience rooted for him to get justice no matter what the cost. No one can do this better than our own SRK.





This perhaps might be the biggest risk in SRK’s early 90’s career- a time when people were generally type cast as romantic heroes, villains and comic heroes. Shahrukh took up the role of a psychopath who is obsessed with a girl he met in college. He played his character Rahul so convincingly that for once, even the most diehard Shahrukh fans were happy to see him bite the dust! (Ok who am I kidding- we still hate he died.) Thankfully SRK is just as skilled at taking romantic roles as well and you can catch his latest flick Dilwale hitting theatres this December using book movie tickets online to get the most out of your movie experience.





This is a great movie to show you the range of acting SRK can portray. On the one hand he plays the shy, silly and boyish Bablu who’s a chef and on the other he plays a bad, unrelenting gangster who’s out of jail on a killing mission. His portrayal of Mannu Dada is so spot on that he was able to bring in shades of grey despite it being a comical movie. No wonder it won SRK a nomination at the IIFA Awards for Best Actor in a Negative Role.




With these movies SRK really proves that he is the undisputed king of Bollywood and no one can be as good as him when it comes to being bad!


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