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7 Reasons as to Why You Need To Incorporate Online Videos into Your Website

Posted by Paul on 09. January 2017
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Online business videos have turned out to be the most vital marketing tool for your business today. But what exactly, what has made these enterprise business videos the latest marketing trend. What the secret behind it. Given below are the 7 Major reasons that give you an answer to the questions you have in mind and I hope you would keep reading them in order to find out what they are.

Driving Traffic towards your website: Search engines love content be it a fresh copy, a blog post, a press release or a video. Each and every time when you add a content your search engine rankings will continue to see an uptick.  So why not you go an extra mile and make a custom video. You can even multiply the search engine bump using keywords related to your business in the title tag, Meta description and yes the keyword section. Don’t just have videos created for your business, instead also have a channel on YouTube maximizing the SEO benefit as a search result, being on multiple locations without any duplicate content.

Videos help in explaining your products and services in seconds: We all know how important it is for businesses to explain the products and services you have been dealing with. These are videos that help you deliver the perfect pitch every time, explaining the products and services in seconds and doing it in a fun and entertaining manner.

Giving your customers the information they need about your business: Videos here increase the confidence of the buyers. Research studies here have shown that 96% of consumers find business videos to be helpful while making decision online, where as 75% of the individuals are likely to purchase the product after watching a video about it. Once a consumer has watched your business video they are more likely to have an understanding on how your product would actually lead to a benefit to them.

Making google happy when it comes to your business: Google is the most important thing for the business you have been dealing with. And there is no doubt about it. Google is now placing websites with business videos being added on their home page, knowing that the consumers are more reactive to the video thumbnail. Adding an explanatory business video with cute characters would not just bring business videos but would also get your website higher on google search engine results.

Sharing all that you want: An online business video like any other business content can be shared as many number of times you want. An online marketing business video could be shared on the social networking sites, for presentations to venture capitalists or at a business expo. You could here share it all you want and what where ever you want to according to your needs.

Generate Increased Interest: More and more businesses these days are choosing to use signals spreading a word about their business. Most generally do this by using images and videos in order to generate interest about their products and services. And according to a study conducted by the C100 more than 70% of internet have been watching business videos and another 70% would be watching the video this year.

Having a high bounce rates: If your website has not been interesting enough then its obvious that the visitors would leave the website immediately, and studies have shown that they will leave in as little as five seconds. Websites through video content do have the ability to grab the attention of all the marketing audience and keeping them on your website for approximately more than 6 minutes.Online business videos are generally presented in front of you as a professional and current company, this would encourage the individuals to do business with you. An effected animated business video could even present you to be an expert in the business field you have been dealing with it.

To conclude

Online marketing business videos are everywhere these days, and they are going to be the most prominent one in the future as well.Business videos these days are a greater option for start-ups, and an inexpensive way for smaller business organization to jump on video marketing bandwagon. So what other reasons would you like to add to the blog post above?How have they seemed to work out for you? Do leave your answers in our comments section below.

Author’s Bio

Micheal Lundberg is the Marketing Executive at Ampliz, specializing in email address verification software. He likes to pen down his thoughts on the latest social media and digital marketing trends, helping the organizations increase their ROI.

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