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Capture your moment

Posted by Paul on 02. September 2013
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

If you are up a photographic challenge then it is the best possible option that you should search for something unique. Photography concept is not something which is unknown to anyone. The camera mobile phone has given the biggest opportunity to all about some photographic experience. The concept is photography is very unique. Photo means light and the graph means drawing. So the photography means drawing with light. If there is no light then there is not opportunity of photography. In the book of photography the most important factor in photography is light then the camera and then the photography rules.

There is not particular need of any specific camera for the photography but the camera is needed. In order to do some professional photography the specific camera with specific feature is needed. The most important parts those are available in the camera are:

·         Lens: the lens is one of the most important tools in the camera. It defines the gateway of the light to enter in the capturing device of the camera. It is being considered as the eye of the camera.

·         Shutter: the shutter is the most specific characteristic in the camera. Pressing the shutter button opens up the mirror guard of the camera so the light can enter on the capturing device. In the old traditional camera the film was used to be the capturing device. In the digital spectrum the film is being replaced by the memory chip which is reusable.

·         Zoom: zoom is a specific function or feature that will allow you to go wide or tele, in simple sense it will allow you to go close or far without changing the camera mounting position.

·         Aperture: aperture is also a specific function that a camera has which decide the amount of light can enter through the lens. You can control the amount of light which is called camera exposure by moving the aperture ring.

·         Flash: flash is one of the extra added features of the camera which deals with the light factor. Many times it may happen that you do not have the appropriate light condition that you need for the photography. Flash is the artificial lighting technology that can create artificial light for the photography in a dark place.

·         Viewfinder: the viewfinder is the particular place where you can keep you one eye to see what your camera is seeing.


Now the most important fact to be discussed is that the growing technology in the camera world has brought the digital single lens reflex camera or DSLR camera quality in a compact digital camera. It has incorporated all the feature of the big camera in the small spectrum. But everything is in auto mode. There is nothing that can be controlled manually other than the selection of the mode. It causes blur appearance of the picture many times as the shutter speed cannot be controlled. The only possible way to get rid of this problem in the point and shoot camera is nothing but using the flash.

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