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How to decide between an SUV and a Sedan?

Posted by amoolya on 19. March 2015
Amithkumar Moolya, refer to me as Amit. Editor at Cars India. Interested in blogging about anything depending upon the trend and the liking of the reader. You can get more updates on cars in India at CARS INDIA. To discuss things you can catch me at @IamMojoJojo_

Comparing a Sports Utility Vehicle with a sedan would have been considered to be a futile exercise even half a decade ago. However, with the launch of compact SUVs, the comparability of SUVs with sedans became a reality as they could now both cater to the same class of audience- one that can spend on a quality car, has a limited number of people travelling and enjoys luxury and comfort.


The Indian audience has accepted compact SUVs with open arms as evident from the phenomenal response received by the Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport and even the Toyota Etios Cross. These cars are all priced in the same bracket as the Hyundai Verna or Honda City (Rs 10-11 lakhs ex-showroom), two of the country’s most popular sedans.


Those willing to spend such an amount and have 4-5 passengers travelling every day should definitely go through this write-up as it would clear up perspectives upon both vehicles.


Space Utility

Sedans are quite comfortable especially the higher end ones with their faux leather seats, lumbar support and leg space. SUVs also offer ample leg space and head room for passengers thanks to their large sizes. However, when carrying luggage with a car stuffed to its capacity, a sedan comes handy because it has a designated boot space. Most sedans have boot spaces measuring 350 to 400 litres which is good enough to hold two big suitcases and a couple of hand bags. SUVs which are full to their capacity often do not have space to keep bags within the car and they may have to be tied up on the roof of the vehicle. If a designated carrier is not installed, then it would be tricky to hold up the luggage there.


SUVs usually offer space for 7-8 passengers to sit while some models such as the Mahindra Scorpio and Tata Sumo have space for even 9-10 people to sit within. However, compact SUVs and sedans offer the same kind of seating capacity of 5 people (6 if you are willing to squeeze in). The design of SUVs is such that the seats offer better head and leg space compared to sedans. Moreover, ingress and egress of the cars is better than sedans mostly.



Sedans clearly steal an advantage over SUVs when it comes to fuel efficiency. They are bulkier and need more fuel to exhibit their power. However, the difference between compact SUVs and sedans in terms of mileage is not much, thanks to the latest developments in technology. For instance, for the Ford EcoSport, the 1.5L diesel version exhibits a mileage of 22.7kmpl while the Honda City has a mileage of 23.47kmpl, both ratings according to ARAI.


Even the difference between full-fledged SUVs and sedans is decreasing thanks to the improvement in technology.


Appearance of the Car

If you like your cars classy and stylish to look at, then sedans would be a better choice. These vehicles have always inspired a sense of luxury and uber-coolness, which is why people preferred by them. SUVs on the other hand have always been treated as bulky vehicles with more brawn and less refinement. The designing sensibilities of SUVs have been refined by the compact ones but the sedans still continue to hold the classiness that they have been known for so long.


Performance enthusiasts would certainly prefer to drive SUVs for their tough boy looks and ability to hold reverence on the highways. If you go on a lot of road trips, you would definitely feel more secure riding in an SUV for the tough build of the vehicle rather than a sedan.


Road Readiness

Mumbai roads are known for their notoriety in terms of potholes and breakages, especially during the monsoons. SUV used cars in Mumbai shall offer you the much needed advantage of manoeuvring the potholes and undulations on the surface of the roads. However, when you are going through stop and go traffic, a sedan helps because you can cut through narrow spaces which SUVs don’t allow you to. Even when going through narrow lanes, sedans are better for their limited width and wheelbase. A lot of SUVs do not make it through narrow lanes which can be a problem.


Parking Issues

Parking is a big problem in India because of limited space. Even parking lots of apartment complexes often fail to suffice for larger cars unless they are open ones. On streets and in lanes, sedans are easier to park because of their compactness. Even when you are backing up the drive your car out of the parking lot, it is easier for you to do so when you are in a sedan because you can look back to see perfectly. Parking an SUV can be difficult because of partial view available while backing up and also they take up a lot of space. SUVs which come with a larger price tag usually have rear parking sensors. The ones which come at a price of sub-10 lakhs usually do not have the facility.


Depending on your needs you should choose between an SUV and a sedan. Usually performance enthusiasts who want to enjoy the roads and be the mighty beast travelling alongside fledglings, go with SUVs. Those interested in enjoying plush interiors and smooth drives prefer driving around sedans.


Used cars in Mumbai have both varieties of vehicles available and you can get them at a price of Rs 7-8 lakhs. All you have to do to locate the right car is go on a used cars website and look up the options available. You can contact the seller directly by using the contact information given on the site. Prior to contacting the seller, make sure you calculate the price of the car on a used car evaluator online as it would help you negotiate better with the seller. Test-drive the car and go over the papers of the car before deciding whether you want to buy the car or not. Buying cars from individual sellers will be less expensive for you as dealers tend to overcharge. Log in and find the best vehicle for your family!

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