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Finding nanny services is easier than you think!

Posted by Mahesh Mehta on 20. July 2015
Mahesh is a Content Marketing Specialist at Dquip with a background in PPC, SEM, content and digital marketing. He enjoys running and eating ice cream during his free time (not simultaneous although that would be impressive).

We all need good nanny services for your little ones. Nanny services are somewhat indispensable for couples with little babies of their own. This is all the more necessary as most working couples are always stretched for time when it comes to taking care of their tiny wards. In today’s times, double income families are the ones that can survive decently amidst growing inflation and rising costs in metro cities. Both parents have to work towards securing the financial future of their children and hence the lack of time and energy with regard to taking suitable care of their wards. Here is where suitable nanny services come into the picture, saving the blushes for many a parent with elan!

Many argue against the practice, stating the child’s equal attachment to the nanny along with his/her mother, something they find questionable. However, experts state that there is nothing wrong if the child loves his/her nanny like a guardian or even a parent. Rather, this creates a beautiful bond for life which aids the development of the child and the caregiver alike! These studies and findings should ease your misapprehensions related to getting a nanny for your precious bundle of joy. Nannies are a godsend for busy and working parents till the time the child grows up into a mature individual.

This is why these services are highly essential in today’s society and demand is high for empathetic, experienced and motherly care givers who can take care of another’s child like her own.

The basic duties of a nanny can usually be summed up as the following:

  • Feeding the child throughout the day.
  • Bathing him/her along with changing clothes .
  • Putting him/her to bed.
  • Playing with him/her whenever required.
  • Escorting him/her from home to school and back if required.
  • Accompanying the child on his/her sojourns and outings to recreational areas like parks or playing zones.
  • Keeping the child safe from any harm or mishaps.
  • Watching over the child at all times.
  • Storytelling, changing nappies or diapers and bathing if it is an infant.
  • Assisting parents in the holistic upbringing of the child.

Apart from these duties, there is a whole lot unsaid when it comes to the actual job role of a nanny. The nanny has a great bearing on the growth and happiness of a child. She is the sole companion of a child left to his/her own devices and means at home and outside. The importance of such guardianship cannot be underestimated and you should be very careful with your choices in this regard. Do not be in a tearing hurry to hire a nanny even though you might be a little pressed for time. This is because one wrong decision can dramatically take away your own peace of mind and alter your child’s life in ways that you would find unsuitable.

Trust is another important aspect here as you will be leaving your child entirely in the care of one individual at all times. This demands great trust, mutual respect and belief on part of both parents and the nanny. Additionally, the nanny should be an empathetic individual who loves children and should not be someone who is just doing the job professionally for money. This will lead to several conflicts and problems that parents would wish to avoid in the future. As can be seen, hiring a nanny is a decision that parents should not take in a hurry.

Here are some tips on hiring the right nanny for your child:

  • Always get references from past employers if the woman is experienced
  • Get accurate information on her background, family life and other details
  • Always enquire about her own children and how she has handled them so far
  • Learn about her place of residence and chalk out the feasibility of commuting every day
  • Set down clear work timings and get her opinion on the same
  • Discuss payment rates well in advance along with special benefits, incentives and extra charges that may come into effect in the near future
  • Enquire about her capabilities and skills
  • You may let a prospective nanny spend an hour or two with your child in your presence to gauge whether there are chances of a bond forming between the twain
  • Always list down the nanny’s duties clearly in order to avoid future confusion
  • Always ask for passport size photographs and xerox copies of photo IDs to verify the antecedents of the applicant in question
  • If it is a full time, stay-at home job, always be clear on aspects like annual or monthly leave for family visits and expected benefits.

These are important things that you must keep in mind while interviewing potential aspirants for the job. Now, when you think of finding the right nanny in the first place, it may seem like a tough task! However, with the help of online classifieds portals and a little effort, you can definitely find the best nanny for your darling child within a few days itself!

All you need to do is select the Services category present on these online classifieds portals and choose the requisite sub category under the same. Once this is done, you can post your own advertisement, detailing your requirements for the job, duties, timings, job nature, age of your child, benefits, salary and all other necessary details. You should also mention your location, name and contact information. These advertisements can be posted without paying a single penny from your pocket but if you are desperate for swifter results, you can choose a premium advertisement which requires you to shell out a nominal sum of money. You can also scroll through the advertisements posted by aspirants under this sub category and go through their details and other information. You can contact aspirants using their mobile numbers if the same have been provided in advertisements or use the classifieds portals to get in touch with them.

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