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How To Master Shaving Using A Safety Razor?

Posted by Paul on 30. October 2015
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Safety razors or the double edged razors have been in use since 1900, but in the past few decades, multi-blade cartridges have taken over the market. Many men are returning to safety razors as the multi-blades are becoming costlier. The safety razors are able to give smooth face as effectively as the multi-blade modern razors. There are safety razors with adjustable blade depth and blade angle and with different types of handles to offer convenience of use.


Know Your Safety Razors

Safety razors have three components: the head that holds the razor blade, the comb which is positioned between the head and razor handle and the handle to hold the razor. This razor comes with a single blade with two sharp edges on either side of the razor handle. You can unscrew the handle to place the razor blade between the razor head and the comb. After placing the blade, you need to fasten the blade by screwing together the handle and the head of the razor to make the blade inside immovable. It is necessary that you use simple gliding movements of razor across the face to get a smoother shave and to avoid cutting the skin.


Prepare The Skin For Shave

  • Washing your face with warm water and soap will remove any sweat and dirt and make the beard soft. This will make the shaving process much easier for you and help to reduce chances of cuts on the skin.
  • You should apply a quality pre-shave cream to your beard so that your beard and skin will be ready for the repeated movements of the blades over the hair and the skin.
  • Applying pre-shave creams will also reduce the irritation to the skin after shaving. The cream will make the blade movements over the beard easier.
  • You can use a shaving brush to apply the shaving cream.


How To Use The Razor?

Take hot water in a bowl and dip your safety razor in it. Place the razor on the beard at an angle of 300. This will ensure close shave and prevents cuts. Make sure that you are moving the razor in the same direction of the growth of the hairs on your beard. Dip the head of the razor frequently in the hot water and swirl it to dislodge the cut hairs on it. You need to opt for small strokes of razors without applying pressure in order to get a smooth shave. If your razor is not giving you a clean shave without applying pressure, then your razor blade needs to be changed or the razor you are using is not heavy enough for your beard growth. Hold your skin stretched to get a closer shave.


The Problem Areas

Areas below the nose and below the lips are a bit difficult to handle while using safety razors. You need to take time and sometimes shave against the growth to achieve perfect shave. You may have to repeat applying the pre-shave cream and also shave once more to get the smooth finish. Apply an aftershave to prevent irritation of the skin and to hydrate the skin.

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