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How to take care of your Dog?

Posted by Paul on 25. October 2016
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Pets are the part of our family that can improve your way of life. Whether you own a cat, dog or a bird you must maintain their health condition. We will further discuss about the ways to take care of your dog. Your dog provides you with a lifetime of friendship, loyalty and love. In return all you have to do is provide for food, shelter, vet care, exercise and partnership. It gradually becomes routine of everyday life that will derive you immense love from your dog and also you would start understanding your dog.


Some of the ways by which you can take Dog Care are as follows:


Name your dog: naming a dog is rather an important aspect of dog care as it is a lifetime of togetherness that you both will share. Naming a dog depends on the appearance, habits or special qualities that the dog possesses. There are some names that must be avoided as it is either very common or very bad.

Supplies : like you need things to keep you happy and content; in the same way your dog needs accessories that are essential to their health and well being. You can select a dog collar and customize it with the name of your dog, also your name and address. You can also buy products to groom your dog.

Food : Dogs are lovers of food and eat almost everything that you make them habituated with, so it is important to feed your dog healthy food that can give it energy, nutrition and good health.

Grooming and bathing tips : Dogs are at times messy and can create quite a fuss. As a good owner it is your duty to bathe your dog properly and also cut its nails, clean its eyes, ears and teeth. It is rather essential to care for your dog’s mouth especially when it is growing.

Proofing: It is very tough to dog proof your home as some of the plants at your home can give your dog allergies. It is best to train your dog to avoid it from getting pains in the future.

Protect : It is always recommended to build a fence around your home to keep your dog from wondering out. Never leave your dog alone, if you are going out ensure there is someone at home to look after your dog.

Training : The innocent look of a dog can really melt your heart. But do not get such awed in its look that you forget to train it for its essential needs. If you train a dog from the young age to meet its needs outside the house it is rather safe and easy for you to have fun with your dog.

Vet check-ups: Regularly take your dog for checkups to the vet and take care of it all the time. If it shows some kind of distress, immediately take it t o the vet and get it treated as a healthy dog is a happy dog.

You can also check the steps of dog care here !!

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