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Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own (and how to use them)

Posted by Paul on 01. April 2015
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

Good make-up can only be applied when you have the right set of make-up brushes in hand. It not about looking like you’ve just stepped on the runway, even basic make-up applications can look wonderful when you use the right brush.


Whether you are going for your kids school function or for a night out at the discotheque, the right make-up brush can help make all the difference in your overall look. Did you know that you are actually contaminating your make-up by using your hands apart from using more of the product than what you actually need? By using the right brush you would use only how much is required and keep your cosmetics germ-free.


Do not confuse the make-up brushes with the foam you get with compacts or the tiny complimentary brushes with eye shadows. They are not what I am talking about. Purpple coupons can be used to buy some amazing ones. I know there are so many of them in the market thatit can get quite tricky and confusing to select one as no one needs aall that are there on the brush belt of a make-up artist. Let me show you which make-up brushes must find a way to your make-up box.


Brushes are made of various materials like fake hair, synthetic hair, natural hair, real hair (pony fibres), acrylic etc. Depending on your preference and the product you wish to apply you should select the material. Get best offers on make-up brushes kit on It is best to pick a natural brush for dry products like an eye shadow or a blush , whereas you may pick a synthetic brush to apply creamy or liquid products because natural hair tend to soak up the product more than synthetic brushes.


  1. Foundation brush

The brush would be round and fluffy with a flat tip. Pick a synthetic one for lower absorption and best buffing and blending on the skin to get a flawless look.


Way to use: Dip the brush in the foundation, buff it well and apply all over the face in a circular motion, starting from the cheeks and blending backwards towards the hairline.


  1. Powder brush

The brush would be large, round and preferably natural. It would help in dusting the powder on the face for a natural look as it would not apply too much powder on the face and let you look natural and fresh


Way to use it : Dip the brush in the powder tap it to remove the extra powder. Apply on the face in a sweeping motion and brush lightly on the face as per your natural contours.


  1. Blush/bronzer brush

This brush would be medium sized and done-shaped with long bristles.


Way to use it: Sweep the blush or bronzer in the upwards directions onto the cheekbones, Start from the apple of the cheek and go towards the ear.


  1. Lipstick brush

The brush would be round, small and flat. It would help give a smooth finish to the lips and only that much how much is required.


Way to use it: Apply a lip liner on the outline. Take some lipstick on the brush and apply the lipstick in sweeps from inside of the lips towards the outer end.


  1. Eyeshadow blending brush

This is a flower-shaped and soft natural brush to precisely define your lid.


Way to us it: Dip the brush in the eye shadow and sweep it in circular motions and then tap off the excess. Using the tip, start on the outer edge on the eyelid, blend backwards to contour the yes.

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