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Politics & Cricket

Posted by Paul on 14. June 2013
I am in to this profession since the dawn of my childhood, a passionate writer but now I get some buck too.. I welcome all the beginners and the old hands to come and join us..

The Indian Premier League, famously known with the abbreviation called IPL, is representative of not only the worst side of Indian cricket but also the worst sides of Indian capitalism and Indian society to the world. The corrupt system and management has promoted the compliance. This is the recent words of politics in India.

Cricket has been a very emotional part of Indian’s life. The political intrusion is simply spoiling the game of gentlemen. Many people see the collaboration of cricket with politics and business in a positive direction by saying it has developed the game but the truth is the soul of the game getting lopped off.

The recent disturbed situation of BCCI because of political issue, the greatest loss may strike the Indians by watching the poor performance of Indian cricket team.  This is not the first time Indian cricket have come across political influence. When the career of Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid were set to be end up, we saw the strong political defense by Shiv sena for Sachin Tendulkar with the help of the Captain of Indian Cricket team of that time Saurav Ganguly and a strong political defense by Saurav Ganguly himself for Rahul Dravid.

The politics do not mean something core political and related politics with the political party. Politics also refers to the human politics. It is agenda setting and planning against for defending your perspective. Saurav Ganguly played with the political thoughts. Initially something used to happen that board members used to turn the players into puppets. Ganguly broke that image for the players and his brave image is always something to archive in the memory. The service he gave to Indian cricket with his cricket brain and political stability, India will always remember him and till date the most talked about man in Indian cricket. Another name is very important along with this name who played a big part in this political game is Jagmohan Dalmia. He showed his power and backed Saurav Ganguly in every way possible to see the rise of Indian cricket team.

Later the Indians witnessed the same politics turned dirty and acted against Saurav Ganguly to throw him out of the team. Many inclusion and exclusion of influential men make this possible happening. The man Saurav never lost and fight back to find his position in the Indian cricket team. He was known the man with vision. The stage he set for the Indian cricket, many have come later and ruled the Indian cricket as well as world cricket. Now the present situation where Dhoni is the captain of Indian cricket team is not stable with the BCCI chairman Srinivasan.

Few strong questions are coming up with the decisions. When the Indian cricket team goes out from the country to other country for a long tournament, why Dhoni is the only Wicket keeper chosen in the primary thirty? The situation has changed a lot, now question is being raised that why political body and business men are controlling the board while they do not have any clear idea about the game?

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