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Trouble time

Posted by Avik Dutta on 27. October 2016
Avik Dutta, client Director and Business Leader of He is a profound entrepreneur dealing with corporate training and leadership skill.

When the dark phase arrives whispering ‘Its over’! When the political birds chirp ‘Its my way or the hell way’. When anti-socials wear the mask of social activists. When economists make sure the economy falls for benefits of capitalist. When arts are suppressed in the name of nationalist. When communication platforms are used to suppress opinions. When war become a tool to win vote bank.

When bloods don’t have value and water,lands become more valuable than human life. When soldiers are respected by not giving special previlage. When TV debates become sound and hound as they are paid some pound. When people start to live in virtual world as they can’t dream in the real world.

When people start living in fear thinking about their own dear’s. When friends turn foe and ask you to bow. When gender and skin color become your qualification to success. When education become so costly that you choose to be an uneducated. When family name can only define your ability. When abusing is cooler than giving respect. When physical disability are mocked around by some mocking birds.

When dreams are shattered and nightmares take over. When smile are gone and depression takes over. When jokes are gone and sarcasm takes over. When your identity is gone and your shadow takes over. When love is gone and sex takes over. When ‘Honey’ is gone and ‘Money’ takes over.

Then rise a timid inner voice which says ‘I want to rise though I am not that wise. I want to touch  heart rather than the skin. I want to try rather than die. I want to fight rather than wait. I want to accomplish my dream rather than  closing my eye and watching nightmares. I want to give it a shot before time call it a dot.’

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